There’s nothing worse than watching a promising leadership team fail to grow because of the many obstacles they face. There are some that can be expected. However, it is important to not place them in situations where they will face more challenges than they can handle. These obstacles can bring down their skills and enthusiasm, and lead to them not being able to thrive.

In an organisational context, these are the nine main barriers that stop your leaders reaching their potential.

Unclarified or frequently changing goals Leaders cannot be successful if their targets change, are constantly required refocus or are not given clear direction.

Policies that slow them. These might be imposed from the head office or by the local senior leadership.

Senior leaders that micro manage It is important for senior leaders not to get involved with unnecessary aspects of project execution. Leaders who avoid making mistakes are better.

They lack the resources they need to do their jobThis could be financial resources, information or people. However, leaders are still expected to reach targets.

Inheriting sub performers and non performersTurning a struggling team around is one thing. But, asking a leader for help with a team of people that no one wanted is a hurdle that only the best leaders can overcome.

The legacy past leaders made Although every leader and team member can make poor decisions, they are an obstacle to future success.

Resistance by existing leadersIt might be that the new leader is being trained differently to the current leaders, no matter how senior or lower. A cultural change program might be underway in the organization. While it is being supported by senior leaders and welcomed and accepted by team members, there may be resistance from mid-level leadership who Arif Bhalwani Net Worth desire to preserve the status quo and feel threatened if the new style leader takes over.

Problems leading their ex-colleagues Some people find it difficult to move from one team member to the head of the group. You need to make sure everyone is aware of potential issues and plan accordingly. A team can become confused about the roles of both the leader and members.

Many forms of discrimination It can be for or against them. For their career to flourish, they must be overcome.

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